• Knock, knock, it's mom!

  • Knock, knock, it's mom!

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    Knock, knock, it's mom! Logo
    País: Francia
    Idioma: Inglés, Francés
    Estreno:12 noviembre 2021
    Duración: 88 min
    Géneros: Comedia
  • Sinopsis

    While her apartment is being renovated, Jacqueline is thrilled to be forced into spending “a few days” with her eldest daughter Carole and her son-in-law, who are both in couples therapy. These “few days” turn into “a few months”. Jacqueline quickly feels at home. She prepares dinners, monopolizes the television, reorganizes the kitchen... She is here, and no one knows for how long!

  • Créditos

    Eric Lavaine
    Eric Lavaine
    Josiane Balasko
    Jérôme Commandeur
    Mathilde Seigner
    Line Renaud
    Philippe Lefebvre